Artist Kristin Pierre with her artwork

Terri Hickey


Why jewelry? I will tell you… I love jewelry and always have. I confess that I have planned entire outfits around one special piece. Growing up with a mother who was an art teacher, I distinctly remember rummaging through my Mom’s art supplies, hoping to find something that I could turn into a necklace or bracelet.

After receiving a B.A. in Fashion Marketing and Design from the University of Illinois, I worked for many years in the “fashion world” where jewelry and accessories are always prominent. In 2008, I gave in to my passion and began taking classes, working exclusively with fine silver. My experiences with fine silver led me into more traditional forms of metalsmithing, working with sterling silver and copper, dichroic glass, enamels and the age-old art of chain maille. That right there is the reason that I love handcrafting jewelry as much as I love wearing it. Designing and creating jewelry allows me to use more than just my drawing skills. Planning a piece satisfies my love of design, and working with metals bring each piece to life. I take great delight in conquering the engineering challenge behind each piece.

In addition to metal, I am fascinated with glass. Being able to incorporate glass into my jewelry designs is the ultimate thrill for me. Jewelry design is the complete package when it comes to satisfying my creative soul. The inspiration behind my jewelry designs comes from an appreciation of sophisticated, clean lines, with minimal frill and maximum impact; streamlined and contemporary, but never boring. Just as my business’ name implies, classic, but with a little twist. I truly hope you enjoy wearing my original designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

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