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Krisann Hester


It all started in a test tube. Not me of course, but rather my love of beads. At around the age of 8 or 9, my Mother took me to the Woolworth store in Chagrin Falls and let me pick out glass test tubes filled with seed beads. I think she felt the smaller the beads the more time it would take to create a masterpiece and the less time I would spend pestering her. It worked – we were both happy!

The beads, in all sorts of fancy colors, were so small that I literally used a needle and thread to string them. I’m pretty sure I’ve been beading for pleasure, relaxation (and therapy) ever since. As I grew into my adult years the discovery of how expensive fun & flashy costume jewelry was encouraged me to purchase better quality beads and go out on a limb of creativity. I’m happy to say that my jewelry has earned me countless compliments over the years — if you choose to add one of my pieces of jewelry to your collection or give it as a gift my wish for you is that the compliments you receive add a little extra sparkle to your day!

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