Joyce Bosley

Sculptor and more!

I was a professional portrait photographer for 25 years but hung up the camera about 10 years ago after winning many awards, including the Kodak International Award. In the past few years without a camera strap around my neck, I suppose you might say I’ve been trying to get in touch with my inner child, the one that won her first award for a conservation poster in the third grade.
Now, like most artists I tend to try new mediums and have realized 3D art is now my calling. I enjoy sculpting people while using a beer bottle as the base. As a former photographer, people have always been my main source of inspiration. Each person is so unique the possibilities are endless. Expressions, laugh lines, jawlines, noses, aging skin…. every face tells a story and that’s what I enjoy the most.
A couple years ago I spent a lot of time on the shorelines of Lake Erie which prompted me to begin my journey creating pebble art. Once again, most of the pieces are of people, only they are small pebbles, yet they still tell a story with each framed piece. Currently I am learning watercolor and have a feeling if I master it well enough that people will once again be my inspiration.

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