Debbi Homola

Multimedia Artisan

Intuition guides me through my paintings and mixed media as I create, usually with no goal in mind. Listening to my inner thoughts and feelings, I guide the charcoal, pencils, pens, ink and paint with a myriad of brushes and tools on a blank page or substrate. My art and I go through many layers together – asking and answering questions, adding, taking away, covering up, waiting for the surface to speak to me with a call for completion. It takes a lot of patience and letting go of parts I love only to be covered up with my fascination of a new line, color, shape or a different mark I have never created before.

It could be days, weeks or months for one of my pieces to say “I am done and ready to share with others.” It is all part of the creative process: joy and gratitude in creating a piece of art.

I hope you find calm and enrichment as you view my art.

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