Carol Prior

Carol Prior

Watercolor Artist

Nature and all of its wonders have always been a significant part of my life. Watercolor painting opened my eyes even more to subtleties of color and design. When I started painting, I began to look at everything more carefully, see the subtle nuances in colors, the different patterns, and shapes of trees, rock, islands, and reflections. I have become fascinated with these discoveries and realize that discoveries are everywhere just waiting for me.

Watercolor is a hobby that I began enjoying in the early 80’s. I didn’t do much and wasn’t very good. I attended a few workshops and read instruction books and painted a few terrible paintings a year! Near the end of 1989, changes occurred in my life that made me realize that time doesn’t wait– I should be following my passions instead of just passing the time. I started painting – lots!! My motto became – it’s only a piece of paper! I ruined a lot of them. Gradually, they improved.

Watercolor is a tricky medium. One of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was because it was a constant challenge. I began to get a grip on it. However, it is a medium that keeps you humble.

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