Brittany S Paynter

Fine Artist

I believe all people have creative abilities. Mine manifest through charcoal, oil paint, watercolor, ceramics and crafting. My most influential art teacher, Irene Sukle, instilled in me a love and discipline for many different mediums over the four years I spent finding refuge in her art room. I am a mother, Illustrator, web designer, and independent art teacher for my own business, Creative Spirit Studios.

In my 20s I journeyed to South Africa, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, and Peru. Traveling via bus, plane, and boat to see what this world has to offer. From the Maribou Storks of South Africa to the mountains and rivers of South America, I gathered memories, treasures, and photos to inspire my work. There are also special places in the States that I hold dear to my heart for the inspiration behind my paintings. 

Living in Northeast Ohio, I fell in love with the woods behind my property where the hemlocks surround the shale and sandstone creek. I had always sort of known but never noticed just how stunningly beautiful the rock outcroppings are. The technique with which I began painting in oils has transferred to my watercolor habits, which some might find unusual, but makes perfect sense to my artistic brain. 

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