With Spring on the way soon (I Hope) not that the snow isn’t pretty but I do miss the color green, and all the other beautiful colors that spring brings.  I received a phone call about bridal gifts which stared me thinking about the whole spring thing in the first place it will be so lovely to go to a wedding and give a handcrafted gift to the newlyweds one that will add something unique to a home.  With the excellent assortment of unique one of kind items, we have many of which are not only beautiful but designed for everyday use. Making it quite easy to give just the right thing.  So I roamed through the gallery and put together a little spring for your day.  I know one day soon the color of the world will be vibrant again, but until that day I will just focus on the art that surrounds me. Thank God for that,  If you find yourself in need of a good color infusion stop by and get some art therapy and let’s talk about spring, color and all the fun things we are going to do!

Artisans Corner Gallery   Carol Prior