Fourth Friday each month the gallery features art and artists in this special evening event.

Join us for this special holiday Open House event with live music by Lea Marra enjoy her acoustic set with your favorite holiday favorites. Special gift giveaway from under the tree and holiday refreshments. The evening kicks off at 6:00 PM on Friday.

Free and open to the public.

Featured Artist

KC Henry

KC Henry creates pottery with a combination of wheel throwing and hand building ultimately creating an organic form. Kc spent many decades in the nonprofit field – working mostly administration and management. She has served as executive director of many nonprofit organizations – primarily focused on social services. Working for more than four decades in the therapeutic riding field – therapy horses are very close to her heart – hence the equine figures representing their kind hearts and colorful, but the gentle essence portrayed in her work.

Link to artist page

Special Guest Artist

Joanne Orichella

Joanne L. Orichella is a photographer living in Newbury, Ohio.  She photographs a variety of subjects such as water lilies, landscapes, textures and flea market items.

“Photography was always my passion.  I cannot remember when I didn’t always carry a camera with me.  My photographs are also my biography of the people who I have met, places that traveled to, and where I lived, besides my soul and heart.
I can after all these years, close my eyes and still remember my Dad’s darkroom and the smell of the photographic developing chemicals.  It was like magic for me as a young child when the negatives that he developed turned into black and white prints.  I was hooked into the gift of photography from my father.
Photography has enriched my soul in seeing the overt and hidden beauty around me of the people, places and the world that we all share or encounter.  To take photos is to see with your heart.  When we cultivate the “eyes of the heart”, we find more to photograph.

My aim as a photographer is about seeing, capturing and sharing the most mundane details that people may overlook and turning them into the extraordinary and full of feeling.  A cardboard box of bolts and nuts at a flea market may be overlooked by the casual browser as commonplace.  However, I see interesting juxtapositions of shapes, lines, colors and textures in them that demands to be photographed.  As a contemplative photographer, I seek to offer the vision of the graced ordinary subject or moment.  I hope you will enjoy the moments and subjects that I have captured.”

Saturday, November 24th

On Small Business Saturday enjoy a day filled with holiday refreshments and special ” make and take ” workshops for a little handmade holiday magic.  With extended hours on Saturday until 8:00 PM.  Kicking off the holiday season with an artistic bang.