First Friday meet the artist Artisans’ Corner Gallery is proud to feature the art of Rusty Ruckel

From the studio of local artist Rusty Ruckel, comes a line of Contemporary Wood & Silver Jewelry which draws upon his Scottish and Native American ancestry.  Both sides of my heritage had a firm belief in the wisdom and serenity of those we call “The Standing Grandfathers”; the trees.  This collection is a tribute to those beliefs.  Using a variety of woods; blended with sterling silver and semi-precious stones; “The Grandfather Collection” is a unique and here-to-for unseen example of his creative spirit.  Join us Friday to meet the artist and examine the work; feel the texture of the wood in your fingers; and, perhaps, feel the stirring of your ancestral heritage.

Artisans-Corner-Gallery-Rusty-Ruckel-Jewelry-Grandfather-Collection Artisans-Corner-Gallery-Rusty-Ruckel-Jewelry-Mastodon-Ivory Artisans-Corner-Gallery-Rusty-Ruckel-Jewelry