This week we are excited to feature two more of our wonderful artists! We are very happy to have them a part of our gallery. Our featured artists are Kristopher Petrenko and Char Ciammaichella.

Kristopher J. Petrenko – Rocky River, Ohio

Kristopher is a Cleveland based artist and graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art. Petrenko’s upbringing in Cleveland (son of a steelworker) and love of industrial art was a natural catalyst for his work on wood, steel, glass and fabric.   He creates works that utilize a variety of subject matters. They include still life, cityscapes, nature and industrial photography.   His rich toned works have the allure and feel of vintage antiques, utilizing repurposed wood, metal, glass and fabric.

All images are tied to an idea of transforming re-purposed materials into a connection between natural and industrial. Therefore the images are inked to materials and then painted using different layers of natural colored stain.  Petrenko’s work pays respect to the industrial rust-belt where he was born.

Char Ciammaichella – Aurora, Ohio

Char started her adventure into basket weaving early in 1990, when her youngest of three sons started school and she had the time to explore her creative side.   Fast forward to 2019, Char is now a Grandma of two. She has happily progressed from learning the art of basket weaving to teaching it to others.  She takes her basket weaving instruction “on the road” in states across the Midwest to the East Coast.

As you admire her intricate weaving work, you will notice the deep rich colors resulting from the use of her hand-dyed rattan reed, birch bark and pine needles.   The patterns emerge based on the colors she uses in her basket weaving.  One of her popular designs is the Nantucket basket, which has a precise time intensive weaving design. It’s created without the use of glue.  These baskets are breathtaking and are a must see in our gallery.  In addition to her basket weaving,  she also creates woven and hand stamped jewelry, basket charms, earrings and chainmaille bracelets. She is constantly trying new techniques, colors and ideas!