Are you planning a “Staycation” this summer? If so, treat yourself to a beautiful piece of wall art to enjoy a totally different view in the comfort of your own home. What’s your happy place? The ocean? The woods? Relaxing by a pond or reading a good book surrounded by flowers? Stop by and see all the places art can take you!

Bill Heinz is one of the featured artists who work in watercolor and ink taking scenic places and bringing them to life with his ability to capture the feeling of standing there enjoying the scene in person.

Jan Mettee a master of watercolor (I say) Jan has this amazing ability to let the light shine through her work giving it this magical and mystical feeling.

Jeanne Fashempour works with wax to create a colorful and textural work of art, Encaustic is an art form that dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

Tan Gilespie for many years painted in watercolor and now has moved into oil, her vibrant colors are sure to liven up any room.

Last but by no means least Carol Prior works in many mediums with her love for water there are several pieces that will allow your mind to just drift away as you enjoy gazing upon her work.

Art adorns our walls for many reasons my favorite is to escape the mundaneness of everyday life and lose myself in the beautiful art that hangs on my walls just relax and take in the scene and imagine being there, whether it is sitting on the front porch or sailing off the coast on a warm summer morning.

Artisans offers so many great works ready to take you to your tranquil place!