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Specializing in quality, hand-crafted jewelry designs made with wired gossamer wings and sparkling Austrian Swarovski crystals, modeled after live dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds & bumblebees.

“As a little girl, my most vivid and happiest memories are of taking long walks with my grandmother, sometimes along with a creek, in the woods, or in an open field of wildflowers. Usually, holding her hand while learning about the creation surrounding us as it appeared through her eyes. She obviously related these same stories to my Mom when she was young, as they both had a share in opening my eyes to the nature surrounding me. In memory of these two beautiful women, I have designed my favorite creatures as Whimsical Winged Creations. The dragonfly designs have a gossamer sparkling shimmer on their wings; the butterfly designs imitate the magnificent colors found on their wings, and my hummingbird designs are reflective of the whimsical nature displayed by them. All of my creations are made with Austrian Swarovski crystals.
In 2007, while living in Southern California, I left my career in the legal industry and began designing these Whimsical Winged Creations. I wanted to share my love of nature, shimmer, and sparkle with those who visited our town, particularly at our weekly Saturday Farmers Market. To my delight, they made people smile! This, in turn, elicited an outpouring of their personal expressions and heartfelt stories about what these creatures meant to each of them. In the past 10 years, I’ve lived across the United States and my Whimsical Winged Creations continue to “fly” to all parts of the world as gifts for loved ones to wear or display on their rearview mirror or in their home.
Every time the sun hits their iridescent wings and Swarovski crystal bodies, they come to life, with their unique sparkle and shine, for someone special! My designs are artistically based and named after the actual species in nature. No two pieces are exactly alike and yes … I make the wings! My designs can be worn as earrings, necklaces, brooches or even displayed as a hanging creation on your rearview mirror or in a special place in your home. I hope you find a creation that makes you think of someone special or makes you feel special. After all, I truly believe we all deserve a little sparkle in our lives!”

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