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Robin Anne Payne

Earthlight Art Source

Igniting the Spark of Creativity

Growing up my six siblings and I spent all of our free time outside playing, exploring, building forts, and learning firsthand about the amazing ecosystem that is Ohio.  Growing up in small towns and a rural atmosphere had a profound influence on me.  My love and reverence for the natural world have provided a lifelong source of inspiration.  I express this love and beauty of our world and how we humans interact with it by painting landscapes both from life and in my imagination.  For me, the colors in a sunset, the shape of a cloud, or the twist of a branch is a thing of extreme beauty and are to be savored, respected and shared, and will forever provide a variety of subject matter as well as a profound sense of wonder.

For most of my life, I have called Cleveland Heights my home.  Working, raising a family and creating art in a diverse, award-winning environment that is this city, has been a pleasure and success.  Currently, my home is my workspace where I have a complete ceramic and painting studio.  Also, I offer private and small group lessons in drawing, painting, clay works, mixed media collage and now Mandela Visualization meditations as well.

I began a career in custom picture framing and art gallery operations over 30 years ago coupled with a background in art education.  I have enjoyed being able to work with art, most of my adult life.  Since 1996 I have had the privilege of teaching with numerous private organizations, in both public and non-profit settings.

EarthLight Art Source was created in 2007 as a business and creative outlet to express my lifelong dedication to the art.  The name EarthLight Art Source reflects my deep love of nature; and the desire to help with the conservation of our plant through artistic expression and exploration of its beauty and natural resources.  The moment of inspiration, that spark in the creative process is what keeps me going!  Sharing, teaching and watching others find their spark is my passion as well.

I believe in art, as a universal language and see art education as a vital part of the learning process.  It helps the student gain confidence through physical and mental control over their hand-eye coordination while providing a creative outlet for their emotions and a venue for self-expression.  I see art in all its wondrous and varied mediums as a true necessity for a healthy and fulfilled life.  I take my role as instructor seriously while having fun doing what I know and love.  Even when I am creating art for sale, a show, or just because I see every act of making art as an opportunity for growth.  A way of sharing and informing everyone and anyone that we are truly blessed to be a part of this amazing place we call Earth.  Love it, appreciate it, and preserve it!

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