Green Dyed Deluxe Wood Ballpoint Pen

Jeff Miller

Madison, OH

Taking an interest in woodworking at an early age, Jeff built his first piece of furniture at the age of 15.  It was a plant stand made from Curly Maple that is still in his parents’ home today.  This proved to be the beginning of a a lifelong passion.  From Northeast Ohio, he is an accomplished custom woodworker of 38 years.  His inspiration is the work of Sam Maloof and Gustav Stickley.

He is always drawn to the beauty found in densely figured woods such as Fiddle-back Maple; along with the medullary rays of quarter sawn White Oak.  Thus his cabinetry and furniture are often comprised of these species.

The beauty of the wood found in the straight lines of tables and furniture, take on a different appearance when turned round.  His various ink pen designs showcase this beauty coupled with endless wood or acrylic options.  These pens are finished to feel natural in use and are intended to reflect a variety of personalities including a special niche with professional business people.  The pen comes in ballpoint, roller ball or fountain designs.

Jeff feels that woodworking is peaceful and yet very challenging and therefore something new is learned by him every day.

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