Jason Parsley

Jason began making pottery at his home studio in 1984.  He crafts decorative and functional pottery, offering vases and dinnerware to wind chimes and planters. Every piece is hand-thrown in the shape of its eventual purpose.

Inspired by the long tradition of Ohio Valley potters dating back to pre-Colonial times, Jason has perfected the rare technique of glaze trailing.  Specially formulated glazes are thickened and trailed onto bisque-fired pottery.  This technique yields a three-dimensional effect.  The copyrighted Signature Vine is Jason’s most popular line, and it has sold nationwide at art shows and on the internet.

Since 1999, Jason has been producing gas-fired stoneware, featuring a variety of high-fire reduced glazes.  Parsley Pottery glazes are hand-made by Jason and applied using a variety of hand decorating methods from glaze-trailing and brushwork to immersion and spraying.  All glazes are lead-free and microwave-safe.