Frosty Basket Weaving Workshop


Size is: 6 X 11 ½ X 5 ½”
Come to this basket weaving class and make your unque Winter Bastek. This cute little basket begins with spokes inserted into a wood base in a very specific order.  Weaving techniques include start/stop, twining and 3 rod pair twining.  Colorful beads are added while lashing the rim. The snowman and snowflakes are tied on after the basket in woven.

Cost of this workshop is $52.00 with a $10.00 registration fee.  Register today to secure your seat and kit.  On the day of the workshop, you will pay the instructor the forty-two dollars.

Basket weaving (also basketry or basket making) is the process of weaving or sewing pliable materials into two- or three-dimensional artifacts, such as mats or containers. Craftspeople and artists specialized in making baskets are usually referred to as basket makers and basket weavers.

Basketry is made from a variety of fibrous or pliable materials—anything that will bend and form a shape. Examples include pine straw, stems, animal hair, hidegrasses, thread, and fine wooden splints.

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